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  • There are different self-paced online courses that will teach you from basic concepts of Verification, the popular SystemVerilog language as well as advanced methodologies like UVM,  SV Assertions and Functional coverage.
  • You will also find several tutorials that will help in learning on different topics  covering basic of version control , scripting language,  common SOC bus protocols etc and many more.
  • You can also find a course resources section which has a collection of  reference books/papers which will be of high value to read, learn and improve your skills.
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Cracking Digital VLSI Verification Interview: Interview Success  

A Golden Reference guide  that will help you prepare  for a successful Digital VLSI Verification Interview.

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Following  self paced online courses are available and are recommended to be learned in the following order.  Discussion forums are associated with each lecture and you are encouraged to raise any questions/comments/feedback as you progress through learning


Here you can find references to Tutorials on a variety of topics that will help you on several aspects of Verification