VLSI Semiconductor Companies List

VLSI / Semiconductor Companies – References

One of the question that I hear most often from students or engineers are which are all the VLSI and ...
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Verification Engineer Career Path

Verification Engineer Career- Opportunities and Path

Introduction One of the big job opportunities in VLSI Design spectrum is  front end verification engineer. The demand for verification ...
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Small company vs Big Company

Working at Small vs Big companies – The good and bad

Ever came across this question on whether to work for a small company or a big company.  How do you ...
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VLSI Front end Back End

VLSI Design – Front End and Back End

In VLSI design, what is VLSI Front  end  and what is VLSI Back end ?  What does a front end ...
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What is a p_sequencer and an m_sequencer in UVM?

In SystemVerilog based OVM/UVM methodologies,  UVM sequences are objects with limited life time unlike a component which has a lifetime ...
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Digital Logic Design Engineer Skill

What are must know things for a chip design engineer ?

Chip design engineer skills are learned through experience over years.  It  is hard to give a comprehensive single list that ...
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