EDA tools are most important in every stage of the VLSI design.  Most of the EDA tools used for different phases of VLSI design in the industry are complex in terms of usage and needs several weeks/months/years of experience to gain mastery.

One of the limitation to students are that most of the tools are not freely available and also  are very costly  to be afforded. Some of them do come with student edition and will be of here.

Here I am listing a set of  web based EDA tools that are free and can be used by students for diffferent part of learning

  1. www.edaplayground.com  –
    1.  Available for FREE to simulate SystemVerilog based  designs and to simulate full UVM verification methodology
    2. Most popular among students and professionals now to do a small assignment to practice while learning any concepts  or to  write a small snippet of code and share it over forums for clarifications
    3. The  web based interface also has a waveform viewer that can be used to view waveforms
  2. https://easyeda.com/
  3. https://systemvision.com/
  4. https://www.ischematics.com/
  5. http://www.edautils.com/  – EDA utilities
Interesting Web based EDA tools
  • I have used easyeda.com for a couple of times. It is a great free web based PCB tool for anyone involved in electronics design and able to share the work with others. The tool allows you to import an old design from several other circuit maker tools, it has the ability to export the designs and simulation results in .PNG or .SVG formats, and can be a host for your partners and colleagues if they want to work on your projects.

    It provides:Schematic capture,ngpice-based simulation,PCB layout.It also has a special feature- do online PCB auto routing,It feels wonderful and convenient to route simple one-or-two layer boards.