I recently complete the following  online course on Coursera and it was pretty interesting.

“Learning How to Learn – Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects” 



The course was taught by

1)Dr Barb Oakley – Professor of Engineering,  University of California, San Diego

2)Dr Terry Sejnowski –  Francis Crick Professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Computational Neurobiology Laboratory
University of California, San Diego

Some of the Key Course Topics covered were following

  • Focused and diffuse modes of thinking
  • Illusions of learning
  • Memory and Chunking
  • Sleep and its importance
  • Metaphor, story, and visualization in learning
  • Procrastination and how to deal with it
  • Importance of Testing while Learning
  • Working with others in learning – Team work
  • Life-long learning and broadening your passions
  • Learning independently

The  three key  take aways that I am trying to practice after this course are

  1. How to make best use of Focussed and Diffuesed modes of thinking while at work or trying to solve problems. ?
  2. Practising the Pomedoro technique  – especially to gain focus and deal with procastination in this era of  social media distractions
  3. Using the breathing technique to keep yourself out of stress


Learning from course on “Learning How to Learn” – Coursera