Creating Resume

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind as you write a good resume and market yourself:

  • The reviewer usually takes less than 5 minutes to go through your resume, so make all information  clear and  concise.
    • Summarize your  educational background,  scores, key skills, objectives etc
    • Highlight your  skills and experience .  eg: 2 years of experience in SystemVerilog based UVM methodology etc
    • Summarize your past job experience and key projects.
  • Don’t make your resume like a novel.  Best practice is to keep it short with 2 to 3 pages maximum.
  • First page should also have your contact details  –  keeping your  phone number and personal email-id are good enough.
  • It is also advised to have a linked in profile and  presence in several other  active discussion forums so that your skills are visible to others easily.


Details on Summary, Skills, Work Experience, Education:

Summary:   Start with a summary of your profile which should  highlight your number of years of work experience, educational background, scores, awards and recognition’s,  key skills you possess and the type of job you are looking for.  Keep the summary simple and limit to 2 or 3 lines

Technical Skills: include programming languages or HDLs,  Technologies known,  familiar Tools, etc. Don’t mention skills which are really not good at or at least have some good understanding.  Be aware that  your interviewer will ask questions about these skills and it  may not look good if you are not able to answer.   You can also optionally mention your experience level.  For eg  you can mention  SystemVerilog (beginner level/experienced etc)

Work Experience: For each company you worked in, mention your designation/role, company name, location and period of work.  Always write the list in chronological order from latest to oldest.

Education:  Mentioning your  degree and  masters  is normally  enough  along with the college/university name as well as scores.  The more experienced you are,  the work experience will have more value over this.  If you are a fresher or relatively less experienced, this will have more value.

Projects/Work Experience:    List the projects that you worked on  in your prior job  or academically in  chronological order (latest to oldest) along with duration.  Restrict details  to a short paragraph of about 3 to 4 lines  highlighting the technology , complexity and challenges in project.  However you should also be thorough with  finer details and explanations so that you can answer related questions in interviews and make a positive impression

Once you have added details,  review yourself and make sure you understand everything about it.  You can also review with a few friends or colleagues but more importantly if you have  highlighted your skills and details well,  you  should be  confident of yourself.