Preparation is a must  to do thing if you want to succeed in doing anything.  And when it comes to a job interview, there is no other short cut but to prepare to the best so that you can crack it successfully.

Whether you are a fresh college graduate or an experienced  engineer or a manager or a CEO of a company, some day you might need to face an interview for a new job.  Hence interview skills and practice are an important part of your career.

Follow some of the following tips to give you the best chance of getting a job.

Creating a  Resume

The first step as you prepare for a job is  to  create a Resume  which talks about yourself  and  what makes you unique for the job.

Here are some guides that will help you in creating an impressive resume for an ASIC/SOC Verification Job

How to prepare for a Digital VLSI/SOC Verfication Interview?

Different employers will have different types of interviews to assess you skills,  but there are a  lot of  things which are common in terms of your preparation.

Before the interview, the first step is to do some general research and planning  which helps you focus on your preparation steps.

  1. Find out the  interview selection process – Written test, Telephonic,  one-to-one interviews,  video/skype interview etc
  2. Do some research about the employer  – Know about their products/services,   read through their websites,  find if you have any close contacts in the company using your social network like Linked in etc  which will help you  in terms of understanding  the  job and  the team  etc
  3. Know about the job/role/skills required –  This is where you can expect
  4. Do some research on the types of questions that employer could ask –   Preparing for typical interview questions  will help you boost your confidence
  5. Prepare for some questions  to ask employer towards end so that  you better understand the job/employer and  will help you finally to make a judgement after interview process.

Based on your past work experience,  be prepared  with following:

  1. Your Work history –  Refresh about your past projects,  skills gained/applied,  complexities handled etc.  If you have done your projects well and in depth, this should not be a big deal, but it is always good to refresh and be thorough
  2. If you are a fresh graduate –  Refresh  all the fundamental and important subjects you have learned, the  projects and internships that you would have done and be thorough as you can expect questions from this.


Some Interview  Tips/Checklist

Follow some of these  tips  as you are getting ready for facing that interview with high confidence

  1. Make sure your resume is up to date and has all information clear and crisply written.
    1. Follow the resume guidelines as mentioned above.
  2. Get prepared yourself to answer basic questions like – Tell me about yourself  or  Why do you  need this job etc?
    1. This will help you set an impressive start to your interview and proceed to next steps with  high confidence
  3. Make sure you understand all details about  projects/experiences that are written in the resume
  4. Refresh yourself about all the technical skills that you have listed in your resume
    1. Read up concepts if not clear, practice some of the most commonly used interview questions etc  in the few days before attending interviews
  5. Be open and simple in all answers
    1. Keep answers simple with clear explanation instead of  talking everything about or around the question.
  6. Ask a question or two towards end of interview
    1. Show your curiosity and interest in the job or the company


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